Rod Kennedy Auckland Clubs Team Series

This year the Rod Kennedy Auckland Clubs Team Series will be held on the following dates:  Auckland Championships – 3rd & 4th March,   21 July and 15 December. Auckland Clubs can enter as many athletes into the team competition as they want: in teams of 3 – 3 Men or 3 Women.
The athletes in each team have to be current OWNZ members and have to be named at the competition Verification of Entries.
There are 3 competitions in the Series – the athletes that make up the teams can change between competitions.
Points are awarded at each competition to individual athletes depending on their placings within the competition. The athletes named in the teams are then awarded points as follows:

5 points – 1st place finisher
3 points – 2nd place finisher
1 point – 3rd place finisher
The score for each team is the total number of points from its team members.
One BONUS point is awarded to each team that includes a Youth or Junior lifter.
The points are accumulated over the 3 competitions.

The Club with the most points from the Men’s Team and the Women’s Team will win cash!
Individuals i.e. Top Male and Top Female based on their cumulative Sinclair Score will also win cash
Club – Men: $500
Club – Female: $500
Top Male Athlete: $150
Top Female Athlete: $150

The Auckland Clubs Team Series is organised by OWA on behalf of all Auckland Weightlifting Clubs and sanctioned by OWNZ.